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About Wade-a-Pearl Guest House

WadeaPearl is located near the city of Rawalakot Azad Kashir. Traveling to Rawalakot by road is an amazing experience. Crossing the mountains and valleys along with the banks of rivers is one of the most beautiful attractions.

WadeaPearl Guest house is almost 3.5 hours’ drive from Islamabad/Rawalpindi. There are many different routes you can take to come to Rawalakot Azad Kashmir. Attractive paths include coming from Muree, Bagh and Azad Patan Road.

Wade-a-Pearl Nearby Attractions

Wade-a-Pear Guest House has plenty of attractions for any of our guests to enjoy. To name a few;

Banjoosa Lake:​

Banjoosa Lake is a beautiful lake and it is located less than 10Km from WadeaPearl Guest House. On the route to Banjoosa Lake, you will be passing through the city of Khai Gala and Choota Gala. It’s a perfect spot to visit in the afternoon and evening times. You will find picture prefect locations to enjoy and relax. Horse Riding, Fishing, Boat Rides in the lake and Restaurants are few things to enjoy at Banjoosa Lake

Toli Peer:​

Toli Peer is located less then 24km from WadeaPearl Guest House. If you are planning on spending time in Rawalakot, then Toli Peer is a must see spot. Toli Peer is a hilltop area and one of the highest peak near Rawalakot around 8800 feet above the sea level. At the peak, you can enjoy the scenic views of other cities of Azad Kashmir and see multiple rivers that run through the valleys. You will also be able to do Horse Riding and enjoy authentic snacks (Chai Pakooras) at the top

Nergola Waterfall:​

Nargola Waterfall is located less then 15km from WadeaPearl Guest House. On the way to Nargola Waterfall, you will go through the city of Rawalakot, Cheer and Chak Bazar. There are plenty of things to do including many restaurants for amazing food and shopping locations

Gurdwara Rawalakot:​

Gurdwara is located less then 9km from WadeaPearl Guest House. This spot is amazing during the even times. Perfect Sun Set views and a 360 degree view of Rawalakot Valley. This spot defines why city of Rawalakot is also knows as Wade-a-Pearl. Gurdwara has a significat value in the history as well. This spot is one of the secret worshiping place for Hindus before the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947.

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